Friday, 15 January 2016

how to get backlinks

hi these days backlinks are very important for a website ranking on google or on any bes t search engine like yahoo bing and many more like them. But as our target is google therefore we need to follow only its updates. now point is that how to get backlinks and qualitative backlinks to increase SERP.

2016 is a new year and google panda have make some updates there we need to follow it to see results after seo. TAhere are two types of backlinks one is dofollow and other one is nofollow 
Dofollow backlinks are our concerned because these are use to bosst keyword ranking while nofollow are used to get just authority from these links.

We can get quality backlinks from guest blogging on high pr and DA and also High Pa blogs i you are not good to get guest post approved the  you need to use web 2.0 as a guest post but these are used with a strategy. Web 2.0 are such internet platform that provide us backlinks from context or by profile link submission online. 

some of them are listed below tyyou can test these web 2.0 to increease your ranking

and amny more like them

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