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chalkboard and Chalk markers

Terminology blackboards chalk. 

They are the most common shales that exist but eventually were discovered that had many problems such as leaving too much dirt to write and erase, there was not much cleaning in this blackboard and some children or people were allergic to dust chalk. since education began until now has always been used a means to transmit the teachings and translate them into certain object, the object is commonly known as whiteboard or chalkboard and Chalk markers these are used to show what you imagine or want to teach to others.

There are different types of blackboards among the most common there are 3 whiteboards used usually by business schools or places to transmit, the first slate is the oldest that is the chalk or chalk, the second is a white board with the is written based markers water, the latter is more recent than a whiteboard in these types of chalkboard and Chalk markers  are several ways to find and some are tactile and you can use it with your fingers, others occupy a didactic pencil and others Driving all based computer and a projector.

The whiteboards have always been a means to transmit data, but this has been invented whiteboards to make this work and give show, there are 3 types most common slates the chalk, those of marker and digital, these boards have always had errors such as chalk that had the dirt and dust that could intoxicate the marker that left stains on the board and electronic that depended on electricity or technology and common failure of markers could make it not work, but turn many schools and businesses opt to have whiteboards because with them could better use the information and thus give a better presentation on the subject you want to give 1.7 Hypothesis problem chalkboard and Chalk markers the slates commonly used to capture images or to better convey how to explain to the students, have been used for a long time.

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