Sunday, 23 October 2016

Mildronate meldomium drug

As Meldonium has been classified as a doping agent?

Thevis explains: substances that could be misused for doping, whose dissemination is but little known, an established Monitoring Programme Wada are usually subjected.

In the past one or two years there have been significant numbers of cases of the use of Meldonium says doping investigators Detlef Thieme. Therefore, the Wada had been forced to ban.

Sharapova believes that the athlete has not read the notice on the upcoming ban from December. In other cases, however, it is also possible that it has been kept long in the body. Such means there whose intake can be detected even six months later, "said Thieme.

Specifically proposes a panel of experts that meets three times a year, before the points at which the ban list should change in the following year. These proposals are discussed at various points, then processed again by the panel and handed over to the Wada Board, presenting the revised list for the following year in September. Mildronate drug by maria  and medomium.

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