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LG mobile reset method

Internet access is often hard to see someone speaks cell phone Shuangqing, what is hard cell Shuangqing? When is it required hard case?
Hard cell Shuangqing - factory reset by using the method of physical keys combinations.
Phone can not enter the system settings, you need to use in Shuangqing method to restore the factory settings.
Android mobile phone system will have this option built-in backup and reset - reset to factory settings
Using this option you can put the phone inside information clear under normal circumstances.
If the phone is provided with a screen lock, touch common mistake happens because too many times leads to unlock and lock machines,
Need backup PIN code to unlock, and then forgot the password, you only through the physical buttons to restore the phone to factory settings.
Brush, reduce high version version must be hard case, there would be missile system error.
Samsung hard cell mode:
In a completely off the power button + HOME key + volume up key together by the phone Jump recovery
Use the volume buttons to select wipe data / factory reset and wipe cache partition  determine finally the power button reboot system now
LG grid hard way:
In a completely off the volume down key + power button together press,
When seen LG LOGO when release the power button for one second , the key holding down the volume down , then press the power button
If successful, the system jumps to a white screen , choose two YES to
If unsuccessful, it will enter the system, you need to try again
As for the phone system settings with a hard good or clear data grid Shuangqing approach more thoroughly?
If the original system is both the effect is the same, if a third party is to brush ROM, according to the system restore factory settings sometimes wash Wudao Department data.
So whether you want to determine the phone's data completely removed, or to re-enter the system once Didi.
Hard cell Shuangqing Brush is essential operation, especially down version.
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